Hack Thy King James

Here’s a little tip to enhance your experience with most of today’s English translations of scripture. I call this series hacketh my kjv.

What is God’s name?

Do you know God’s actual name? It must be okay to know it because he revealed it to us in his word. But why did the translators take it out and replace it with a title? That’s for a different day, but for now we can bring it back. Yay.

hack your King James Bible

One little hack will put his name back in after it was taken out 6,807 times and replaced with a title. The Lord is not his name. It’s okay that he is our Lord, but he’s not the only Lord.

If you rent your house you have a lord who owns your house. So here it is.

Each time you see the LORD (lord in all caps) simply cross it out and write YHWH. You can use a white out pen for extra points. Those are the equivalent English letters to the Hebrew letters that make up His name.

The World English Bible keeps His name.

Most pronounce it Yahweh. Some pronounce it Yehovah. No need to scrap with each other about that.

At least you gave that word back to His Word.


Thy KJV hath been hack-ed.https://www.youtube.com/embed/RdVv_RJGQX4?feature=oembed

This week’s short.

Be blessed and follow YAH’S ways for a victorious life.

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