Torah Is Wonderful


For what it’s worth…

We are traveling through Psalm 119 for each verse that describes the word Torah specifically. The entire chapter is all about Torah, but for now we are not exploring statutes, ordinances, judgements, etc.

On a personal note. Each time I read Galatians, I check it with scripture. It Has to be consistent. It must be true and proven by the ONLY scripture available at the time of the letter to the Galatians.

Torah may seem hard to understand, but is it really? It is comprehensive, yet hard to consolidate. It is awesome. Wonderful, without equal.

I have seen people diminish the importance of Torah. You can’t do that without insulting the very Name of YHWH.

It was given to us. If you are his Child. It is to be embraced in honor and awe.

What do you think of God’s Torah? If Yeshua showed us by example, should we turn away from it or embrace it’s wonder?

Join us and celebrate Torah and all that it is for the believer.

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