Torah Is: Not Liked By Some

Who are they.

According to the Word of God, it is the wicked, the guilty ones, who forsake His Torah.

David expressed a burning that seized him because of that lawlessness.

Sometimes I know the feeling.

I think we are too much on the defensive these days. Lawlessness has become a thing off popular culture. It has become the norm in many (mostly urban) strongholds across the USA.

But we see it in school boards and city councils in small towns too. The guilty ones, the wicked ones, have achieved a level of authority in many places.

It is wake-up time (or a few exits past it) for a follower of Messiah. We need to be busy, busy, not just taking things back, but jailing the law of the land breakers and keeping the vigilance.

Much to be said of such things

There’s no time for this post to wake up the masses. But I can ask you a question or two. What do you feel when you see lawlessness/torahlessness? Are you immune to a burning in your soul? Or does zeal spark up a flame?

How do you pray? Do you simply pray that everyone will be saved? Accept Jesus? That would be fine. Some are coming to repentance. Or do you pray for Justice? Biblical prayers for Justice abound.

He is YHWH Elohaynu: his judgments are in all the earth.


Many times, when the psalmist asks for Justice, he’s speaking of his times but also of a prophetic time in the future when the Messiah embodies one of His end times roles. Judge.

And He uses a sword.

Use that sword now.

The sword of the Messiah is the Words of His mouth. As He left, he willed something to His apostles. That thing is the very Breath (Spirit) of YHWH in our lungs and in our presence, walking with us and the authority of ambassadors. We can speak the actual words of God.

That is what Jesus did, and the Devil and his spirit slaves (demons) had to flee.

You and I wrestle with the spirit realm. It would be best to to three things to be mighty warriors.

  • Learn about the armor of God
  • Draw closer to the Breath of YHWH within.
  • Use his Sword. Speak it with true faith and authority.

Simple – Not Simple

Which side are you on. Sometimes it takes a thief to discover the truth.


Have you been stolen from? Have you been mocked or hurt deeply in your emotions by a loved one, a long time friend? You have been robbed of your trust. You have also seen the light.

Our national leaders, some of our neighbors, some family, friends, even pastors have robbed us.

They speak lies to us and even about us.

Step Back

I believe the Father provides a refuge for us if we step back into safety as we identify the spiritual enemies. And await His charge.

You are not alone.

You are strong because the Breath of God is in you. You are powerful because the blood of Yeshua and His DNA is at your core. And you are victorious because you wield the mighty Sword of His Word. Stronger than the demons weapons.


Father in Heaven, we worship you, the maker of heaven and earth. Hosannah. Come save us. Father I receive your helper. I receive your Breath into my lungs, into my temple. Give me guidance and strength through your mighty Word. Lead me in the paths of righteousness and restore my strength in the mighty name of YESHUA. Give me zeal enough for each day and give me compassion enough to perceive when your gospel is working it’s good work. Thank you for your Torah. May I never be one who is guilty, who seeks evil and torahlessness. May the blood of YESHUA cleanse me and make me more than whole. Amen.

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