Torah Is 24/7

His presence is with us at all times

O YHWH, I remember Your name in the night,
And keep (guard, keep watch) Your Torah.

Psalm 119:55

How do we keep Torah at night.

Prayer, study, worship. When we pray, our prayers go forth as offerings of sweet savor before the throne in the Heavenly temple.

It’s beautiful. One thing that Covid did to me is start a new insomnia. Well, I will use this time to spend time on my bed remembering His Name and spending time with Him. Receiving a hug from my Father. Receiving prophetic words for my family.

Like David, I think of Him through the watches of the night.

The enemy is a night prowler.

So it makes sense to do warfare during the night watches. Halleluyah. Awake and do some warfare for your family, for the children around the world. Do some good for the Kingdom as you speak truth to the heavenly wars. It’s not flesh and blood. It’s spiritual battle. Many people worldwide need your prayer. It’s 4 am where you rest, but 4 pm on the other side of the world.

Be blessed as you sleep. But before you do, spend your time with your King. And when you awake, guard your Torah. Honor His word and bring about victory on earth. Amen.


Thank you Father for the time we spend in the night. Let me not waste those hours and hear my prayer. Bless the little children, the widows as they spend hours in coldness and fear. Send forth your ministering angels. Let me not forget your Name and your Torah. Amen.

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