Torah Is Most Valuable

More than gold

The proverb says that wisdom is more valuable than gold and silver. Where do we start with wisdom? Reverence for Yah.

The psalmist tells me that Torah is worth more than gold or silver. More than thousands of pieces. Have you betrayed the Savior’s teaching? His Torah? If so, how many pieces of silver did it take?


Do you think, with all the prophecy in Psalms, David could have known that Paul would abolish the Torah? Sarcasm. Did David know that preaching would depend upon a philosophy of the law being a curse and being done away with in the new testament? Sorry, sarcasm again.

My purpose in this series is to define Torah with the very words of Yahweh. What is Torah? What is its purpose and benefit? For me to know this, I want to know what God thinks of it. Was Paul working against the grain? Or have contemporary Christians largely misunderstood him? Have we misrepresented the Torah from the lecterns across this world?

How can the law be such a blessing and be such a curse at the same time? Perhaps we should cling to the many biblical praises for Torah and dissect the sayings of Paul in Galatians.

Who are the lawless ones?

The ones who get literally locked out of the Kingdom of Heaven. The lawless ones. Jesus doesn’t even know them. Why would we preach lawlessness? Why would we practice lawlessness?

Lawlessness? Gulp!

Doing the will of God is an evidence of relationship. We want to heal, to prophesy, we want to cast out demons? All those things are possible without a relationship. What? Matthew 7:21-23 tells us. Messiah tells us this will happen. Who wants to ignore this warning? Not me. I want to be His friend. His servant. I know I’m not perfect, so does He. I want Him to claim me. I want to stand strong in the judgement.

Yes, I want to please Him. Is this legalism? Not according to the Word of God. According to God, that’s being rich. That is to be sought as precious gold and silver. Have you ever, perhaps unknowingly, turned away from Torah, seeing it as legalism? Why? What have you been taught regarding the Torah of Yahweh?

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