Torah Is Timely

His Promise Of Judgement

We don’t like to talk of the Judgement of God. We often dispensation-ize it. We sing songs that tell us that judgement and wrath were for times like the Old Testament Sodom and Gomorrah… “BUT mercy and grace He gave us at the cross,” as if setting the old testament apart from the new is easier to gulp down.

We often forget that the judgement would have been withheld if there were only 10 people who were righteous. The grace of God was alive in 2000 BC as well as 2000 AD. As a matter of fact, ALL of scripture speaks of the judgement at the end of this age. This grace was what kept Yah from destroying the nations who inhabited Canaan while Israel awaited return to their promised land.

Torah Brings Promised Judgement

Judgement is not simply a punishment, it is a vengeance.

The wicked people of the nations do wicked things.

Wicked people do unmentionable things to the “least of these.”

Wicked people fight for the rights of people to do those wicked things. Judgement is, in a real sense, God’s answer to the prayer of the persecuted.

We often ask why so much evil is allowed to exist. “How can a loving God…”

Our loving Savior will come for the very purpose of executing judgement over evil deeds and the people who do them. He will also be setting the captives free and rescuing the little ones who have seen pain and distress at the hands of the wicked.

But Yah Will Save Even The Repentant Evil-doers.

LORD is not slow in regard to the promise, as some count slowness, but is long-suffering to us, not intending any to be lost, but all to come to conversion,

II Peter 3:9 (LSV)

He really does love us. You and I were outside His Way for too long. We can be so grateful that He is so graceful in his judgement.

Not everyone will be saved.

But Yah wants them to.

When will it be time?

When will he deal with the sins of the world? These sins bring death, disease, war, and all types of pestilence. At some point, He will blow the trumpet and take action. There will be weeping, there will be gnashing of teeth. There will be a world of people who say…


At some point, it will be too late. At this point, many of us say,

“Return, Yahweh, to the ten thousands of the thousands of Israel.”

Numbers 10:36

I pray that you are “in that number” when Yeshua returns to reward the faithful with glory and to judge others with the end of their story.


Father in Heaven. You are great and most wise in your actions. Thank you for your patience with mankind. Keep me in your shalom as I wait for the promise. Keep me in your provision as your enemies seek to take away our life.

Your promise will be fulfilled to your perfection, in your perfect time. Help us lead people to the light and away from the dark as we wait for your Hosannah! Amen.

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