Torah Is Compassionate


Big Tent

Yah has room under His tent.

As I drive the country, occasionally I see a large tent set up in an open space. There is usually a sign saying something like “Revival” or “Tent Revival.” Whenever we see that, we should pray that lives will be changed. We should root for a true revival. We can lift them up in prayer, both the ministers and the attendees of this event.

The real thing that happens in true revivals is repentance. Simply put, we all get hit with the reality of our sins (no matter what level) and we are drawn to seek forgiveness and (big AND) to change our ways. Here is the door for a continued training after the decision point of repentance.

I have often wondered if anyone would just label the tent event as “Repentance” or “Tent Repent.” Maybe we need to market it in a more positive way, but that is what is essentially the goal. Large changes have followed when a cluster of communities bow down to Yah and repent.

The Weeping Wallow

Occasionally we are moved to weeping for the things that the Father weeps for. Jesus wept. Jeremiah wept. We can weep. This brings today’s characteristic of Torah. Because Torah is good and given by God, we can be sad for those who live without it. Those who live outside His word and His way, live outside His will. Living outside His will denies us the natural benefits, the blessings of Torah.

But Torah also brings death.

Yes the end of sin, is death. The end of Torah (think goal line) is YESHUA/Jesus.

Torah has blessings to the faithful and curses to the ones who reject it (the lawless).

Sadness through our joy

God doesn’t want us to fall into the pit of judgement. He doesn’t desire that we reject what He has to offer. He is compassionate and His Torah Is Compassionate.

Through Eyes Of Love

YHWH has eyes of love. Whenever we hear the words “eyes” or “ears” we need to keep in mind the different levels of our seeing and hearing. We need to see with spiritual eyes as well as our physical eyes. Our eyes of faith can see farther. They can see beyond walls and beyond the constraints of time.

Let us see with compassion. I have realized that my mouth, in prayer is more effective than my blabbing in the physical. I have rarely changed a mind, changed a heart by speaking or lecturing. I’m not that eloquent. However, I have prayed (out loud, with mouth and mind) and seen people change.

Don’t stop believing

Keep it up. Follow Messiah. Speak out when He calls you to do so. Preach the good news of salvation. But don’t forget how powerful it is to pray for the lost ones, and weep over their sins. But for the grace of God, we would all still be lost in our sin and lawlessness.


Father in Heaven, gracious and Holy are You. Be blessed in Heaven and earth. Keep us in your grace and let us not forget the lawless ones. Bring repentance to the lost nations and the lost sheep. Be glorified in your servants. Be lifted up in this land. Halleluyah! Blessed be your Name! Amen.

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