Hanukkah 5 – The Hammer

Judah and his men were living in the wilderness. It was time to take back the country.

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6,000 Against The World

They began to recruit more followers of YHWH. They found 6,000 who were still faithful.

Once organized, Judah and his army were unstoppable. The hand of God was with them as He began to show mercy on them.

Often at night, they would raid the cities. Their courage became known throughout the land.

Nicanor and 20,000 men were sent to wipe out all of Judea. Word was sent out that one could join him and receive 90 Jewish servants for 57 lbs of silver.

Different Weapons

Judah told his warriors, “They rely on weapons and daring, but we trust in the almighty God, who is able to strike down with a single nod, those who are coming against us.”

He divided his army into 4 parts. He led his group of 1,500 on an attack of Nicanor and slayed 9,000 men, and injured more. They even confiscated the very funds that were intended for their sale into slavery. They distributed to the ones who had endured torture, as well as the widows and orphans.

Then they defeated and killed 20,000. Nicanor lost all his men. Stripped of his armor, he returned to Antioch, humiliated.

His report to Antiochus was that the Jews could not be defeated because they follow God’s laws.

How do you think the Anti-christ took that statement?

Faithful followers of YHWH defeated an army 6 times larger. Then they were outnumbered again and defeated 20,000 troops.

Another miracle of God’s might and His grace over his beloved.

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