Hanukkah 7 – Dedication

With divine guidance, Judah and his companions advanced on Jerusalem and the Temple. They gained control back from the Greeks.


They cleansed the Temple by getting rid of all the unclean and profane items. What have you eaten, or watched, or listened to that is unclean? Have you tried a detox? Have you fasted? Have you deleted that app or channel on your Roku player?


They replaced the altars and the utensils and anointed them for use in the Temple. They started animal sacrifices and incense offerings. The sacred loaves of bread were added. I like to remember that the bread of life, the Messiah himself, identified as the Messiah and great shepherd in this very temple, during this very time of year, over 150 years later.

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The people all prayed that God would have mercy on them and never allow that depth of punishment again.


On the anniversary of the temple’s defilement, Kislev 25, they rededicated the Temple of God. They celebrated for 8 days in the tradition of Sukkot.

On the anniversary of the temple’s defilement by foreigners, on that very day, the sanctuary was purified, on the 25th of the month, which is Kislev.

2 Maccabees 10:5

During the previous Sukkot, they were dwelling in caves in the mountains. Now, they were celebrating with wands made of Ivy, branches, and palm fronds.

Today, we do as they did and celebrate with singing and dancing.

Hanukkah was a gift and not a statute. It was proclaimed for a remembrance each year.

Glory to the Almighty Elohim.

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