How Do We Know If We Really Love God?

And How Does The World Know?

Keep in mind, I did not ask, how do we prove that we love God. Are these ways that we know that we love God?

  • You have a bumper sticker.
  • You sing in the praise team.
  • You have #blessed on your profile.
  • You listen to positive, encouraging music in the car.
  • You recite the apostles’ creed.
  • You even know what the apostles’ creed is.

The Beloved

They call John “the beloved disciple.” Theologians say that he had a special bond with Jesus. Evidenced in several verses, but especially at the cross where Jesus asked him to take care of Miriam, his mother. So this beloved disciple tells us the evidence for showing that God is our beloved.

Cliff Notes:

Obey God if you love Him.

The Fruit of Loving God

Fruit Is A Testimony

Fruit is pleasant, and it has great effects. People of the world see the good deeds that are described in the Torah and glorify God because it has shown them that He is real.

Fruit Is Not A Burden

If Paul was adamant about us rejecting God’s laws, why did he want us to miss this opportunity to bless the world? Was he calling the law a yoke? Why did John say that it’s not a burden? Why did Jesus call us to take His yoke and why did He say that it is easy?


Seeing our obedience to God (following His Torah) can be a conquering force. John says that our faith is the victory that overcomes the world. Does the world need to be overcome today?

Don’t Just Say It, Live It.

Do you have faith enough to conquer? Then you must have faith enough to obey.

Show me some faith without action. I’ve never seen it. But I can point you to some people who have actions that speak louder than words. The mouth of faith is an arm. The hand of God is in the works of His servants. The eyes of the world take notice, and they have no gripe in the court of heaven.

This is just one way that the Torah brings victory over the enemy. If you have faith, you will seek to follow the Jesus example. Like Him, you will overcome.

The world will give God the glory for our good deeds. The enemy will lose more of his grip.

Bring YHWH glory on earth, as if it were the very throne of God.

Give Torah A Try

Open up your heart to the possibility that man has largely gotten it wrong about Torah for more than 2,000 years. From Genesis to Revelation, we now know, Jesus (Yeshua) is present. People used to think He was a “New Testament” invention. A closer look shows that He has been here from the beginning.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1

Now, as He is the alpha and Omega, and the living Word. Let’s consider that He has been here as the Living Torah for All Time.

Be blessed.

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