His Torah Is… Perfect. Christian, Do You Believe?

How can I not start at Psalm 19?

“The law of YHWH [is] perfect, refreshing the soul,
The testimonies of YHWH [are] steadfast, Making the simple wise,
The precepts of YHWH [are] upright, Rejoicing the heart,
The command of YHWH [is] pure, enlightening the eyes,
The fear of YHWH [is] clean, standing for all time,
The judgments of YHWH [are] true, They have been righteous—together... In keeping them [is] a great reward.”” (Psa 19:7-11, LSV)
Better than gold.

Do you want your soul refreshed?

How do we refresh our soul? Caffeine? Yoga? 30 Day Challenges? Well, repentance did it for me. I speak to my fellow Christian. Do you remember when you first humbled yourself in the sight of this man Jesus? Do you remember putting trust in the promise of eternity with the Creator of the Universe?

It’s almost mind blowing. He spoke the world into existence. Also, He died to reach out and save my life from death itself.

The perfect God did not create an imperfect Torah. His instructions are a part of His gift (inheritance) to His children.

This is why I celebrate.

I once was lost, but now I’m found. When I was lost, I had no direction. I had no “way.”

Now that my Jesus brought me back into His flock, I need His Rod and His Staff to guide me and keep me away from danger.

Many people will tell you that the “Law of Moses” is bad news, that it should be avoided at all costs.

I tell you, I was there, I thought like that. I spoke like that. But God’s Word says that Torah is more precious than gold and that it is sweeter than honey. God promises me that if I seek Torah, there is great reward.

I like rewards.

Shouldn’t you? Shouldn’t we all?

Next post: More “why’s” in my return to Torah.

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