• Yeshua – Jesus Image

    Yeshua – Jesus Image

    Take a breath and listen Moving Rendition This is almost 20 minutes long, so take a few moments to rest in the Ruach and worship along. Blessings for your week. Read more

  • Sukkot In December

    Sukkot In December

    Manger Zone This past Tuesday, the daughters and I had a little movie date. We watched the new film, “Journey To Bethlehem” at the theater. I am often conflicted about Bible movies. Sometimes they are good. Sometimes they are bad (Noah Movie with Russell Crowe). However, they are never perfect. How can they be, right?… Read more

  • Music Monday

    Music Monday

    Happy day two. Today, I start a new series of blog posts. Each Monday, I will post a song. That’s about it. Sometimes it’s hard to find messianic music. I’m featuring music to add to your messianic playlist. It’s my hope that you will not only enjoy the music, but be blessed by it and,… Read more

  • Stewart And His Marbles

    Stewart And His Marbles

    By Paul Bass Read more

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