Torah Is From God

Today we finish our series on the instances of the word Torah in Psalm 119. In the future, we will go further and list within the Psalm.

In Psalm 119, we have 176 verses which explicitly support the gift of Torah. With all this, I lived much of my life with a soft disdain of Torah. These are the myths which I believed, and are still taught as mainstream Christian doctrine.

  • Torah was made by Moses.
  • Torah was done away with by Jesus.
  • Torah keeps us from following Jesus.
  • Grace did not come until Jesus died.
  • The Torah was only meant for people who were Jewish.
  • Seeking Torah is legalism.
  • Legalism is among the worst of sins.
  • Not an exhaustive list.

There’s just something about that name.

This verse would be a good T-Shirt or plaque. How cool to see the actual name of our savior (Yeshua) in the same old testament scripture with the word Torah (law).

He is the great shepherd. He is our Rabbi. He kept Torah and was the only perfect man. He taught individuals to go forth and teach the world His words.

Nowhere in the Gospels is the Torah smeared or cancelled. It is fulfilled by Jesus. It is upheld by His followers. I am one of His followers. As for me and my house, we choose life. We choose blessings.

This book of the Torah shall not depart out of your mouth; but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may guard to do according to all that is written in it: for then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall have good success.

Yahoshua (Joshua) 1:8

Yes, Moses delivered and taught the Torah.

He walked down the mountain with the Torah. He did not invent it. He did not inscribe into stone. He did break the tablets after his people broke the Torah with the vile golden idol.

God gave Torah to you.

Not sure about rock and roll, but I am 100 % convinced that

  • Torah is from God.
  • Yeshua/Jesus is God.
  • Grace is from God.
  • Torah and grace are for me.

If there were no Torah, there’s no need for grace.

If we did not break something, we would not need repair. If we did not sin, we would have no need for forgiveness. Torah is the measure of what is sin. Sin is the breaking of the law. The life that we receive through the blood of Messiah and the grace of God, is due to the death curse that was pronounced over our lives within the Torah.

Without Torah nothing is sin. Without Torah there is no wage of sin – which we know is death. Without Torah there is no underserved gift in the blood of Messiah.

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 6:23

Hacketh thy KJV – law/grace

Our KJV bibles have implied that there is an antonymous relationship between God’s law and His grace. This is seen in the following scripture.

For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

John 1:17 KJV

Notice the italics on the word “but.”

This verse is used by many preachers to somehow assert that the law and grace are the cosmic cage match enemies. No. It’s more like disobedience and obedience. Here’s a better translation of the popular bible verse.

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

John 1:7 ESV

No but

Very simple. Moses was a mighty prophet. He delivered the instructions of YHWH. Jesus was a greater prophet (he is God). He delivered grace through His great sacrifice. Praise Yah! Halleluyah!


Yes, Father. I long for your Salvation. I long for your Yeshua. Yes, Father, your Torah is my delight. Please forgive me for missing the mark. Guide me with your very Breath to follow the Way of Messiah. I receive your instructions into my heart, as you have promised in the New Covenant. I receive the blessings over my life proclaimed in your Word. I receive the grace which you gave to me in the shed blood of Yeshua. Teach me each day to walk in your Way. Show me the truth of your love. Grant me the life in your future renewed earth and New Jerusalem with Messiah on the throne. Halleluyah!

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Torah Is Compassionate

Big Tent

Yah has room under His tent.

As I drive the country, occasionally I see a large tent set up in an open space. There is usually a sign saying something like “Revival” or “Tent Revival.” Whenever we see that, we should pray that lives will be changed. We should root for a true revival. We can lift them up in prayer, both the ministers and the attendees of this event.

The real thing that happens in true revivals is repentance. Simply put, we all get hit with the reality of our sins (no matter what level) and we are drawn to seek forgiveness and (big AND) to change our ways. Here is the door for a continued training after the decision point of repentance.

I have often wondered if anyone would just label the tent event as “Repentance” or “Tent Repent.” Maybe we need to market it in a more positive way, but that is what is essentially the goal. Large changes have followed when a cluster of communities bow down to Yah and repent.

The Weeping Wallow

Occasionally we are moved to weeping for the things that the Father weeps for. Jesus wept. Jeremiah wept. We can weep. This brings today’s characteristic of Torah. Because Torah is good and given by God, we can be sad for those who live without it. Those who live outside His word and His way, live outside His will. Living outside His will denies us the natural benefits, the blessings of Torah.

But Torah also brings death.

Yes the end of sin, is death. The end of Torah (think goal line) is YESHUA/Jesus.

Torah has blessings to the faithful and curses to the ones who reject it (the lawless).

Sadness through our joy

God doesn’t want us to fall into the pit of judgement. He doesn’t desire that we reject what He has to offer. He is compassionate and His Torah Is Compassionate.

Through Eyes Of Love

YHWH has eyes of love. Whenever we hear the words “eyes” or “ears” we need to keep in mind the different levels of our seeing and hearing. We need to see with spiritual eyes as well as our physical eyes. Our eyes of faith can see farther. They can see beyond walls and beyond the constraints of time.

Let us see with compassion. I have realized that my mouth, in prayer is more effective than my blabbing in the physical. I have rarely changed a mind, changed a heart by speaking or lecturing. I’m not that eloquent. However, I have prayed (out loud, with mouth and mind) and seen people change.

Don’t stop believing

Keep it up. Follow Messiah. Speak out when He calls you to do so. Preach the good news of salvation. But don’t forget how powerful it is to pray for the lost ones, and weep over their sins. But for the grace of God, we would all still be lost in our sin and lawlessness.


Father in Heaven, gracious and Holy are You. Be blessed in Heaven and earth. Keep us in your grace and let us not forget the lawless ones. Bring repentance to the lost nations and the lost sheep. Be glorified in your servants. Be lifted up in this land. Halleluyah! Blessed be your Name! Amen.

Torah Is A Target

Why is everyone always picking on me?

For those of us who have added the honoring of Torah to our Christian walk, we understand.

Christians, in general, are targeted all around the world, but try being Jewish. Yep. Jews have been persecuted since there was such a thing. What is that? Well, it can be a long discussion, but the point I want to bring out is that anyone, Christian or Jewish who honors “real Torah” will find themselves as a subject of scorn.

The one who honors Feasts and Torah is dishonored by friends and family. The main-stream Christian often speaks of Torah followers as “too Jewish.” On the other hand, the Orthodox Jewish person looks to one who simply follows the living Messiah as a threat. Messianic believers in Israel are often discriminated against.

Arrogance Happens

It takes tremendous humility to look deeper into our own lives and make a huge change. Most Christians live under the construct of a Jewishness out there that threatens the very cross and resurrection of Messiah. Much wind is expelled in fighting Judaism in the church. My friend, Judaism in most forms and Jews themselves are not a threat to your Jewish Messiah.

Arrogance can be a real problem. Arrogant atheists can join hands with Muslims, we are watching that in a significant way right now in this world. But many, many Christians are doing the same; making themselves busy laying traps for the Torah followers. The zeal can be misplaced when one nestles into his religion with a sword and a machine gun.

We only have to look at the pride displayed in the Nazi war machine of the 30’s and 40’s Europe.

Embracing Automatic Curses

If you press against children of Abraham, you instantly accept a curse. This curse was a forever promise. Why not seek the blessings and reject that curse. That’s one of the easiest blessings to add to our being. At the very least, honor children of Abraham. Support Jewish organizations, ministries, and individuals.

Another way to receive the blessing is to lay ahold of, embrace the nature of your Salvation (Hebrew word YESHUA) as being from “the Jews.”

You worship that which you don’t know. We worship that which we know; for salvation is from the Jews.

John 4:22

At the very least, we can say, according to today’s scripture, that those who are laying a trap for the people of God’s kingdom are without Torah, and arrogant.

Perhaps we should humble ourselves in the sight of YHWH. Perhaps we should realize that if we follow God’s true Torah (not the so-called torah of the Babylonian sages) we are on the winning side.

Instead of being in a hole. And more than simply standing on level ground, we will be lifted up.

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he will exalt you.

Jacob (James) 4:10

We Will Be Lifted Up

In more ways than one, we will be exalted… By King Jesus. Lifted up in authority as His ambassadors, plus lifted up in the sky to join Him in Jerusalem.

In more than one way, as well, the wicked will be brought low. They will fall into disease and death. They will also be judged guilty, and places physically into the pit with Satan and the evil angels.

We all broke Torah by sinning. We all need a Savior. May the world repent of evil against others. Through God’s grace, I have been saved. I now walk (and sometimes run) the very path that God has set out for me in Torah (God’s instructions for righteous living).

If you are a Christian who has bounced back and forth with a desire to please God (natural) and serve Him. I urge you to humbly look at your inheritance as being more than a Salvation from hell. I offer to you that Torah has always been part of our discipleship learning. And we are always learning.

The arrogant will scheme their plot. But, thanks to our blessings, they will receive their own curse.


Father we love you and lift you up. We ask that you save us from the snare of the evil one and the arrogant ones. Please grant us safety under your wings. Send your angels to provide guard over your righteous ones. May all the world know your true Torah. May there be no false Torah or false sense of a new gospel that is void of Torah. Thank you for bringing me to the humble place where I saw what I was missing as a Christian. Give me endurance as a runner in the race. Let me obtain the prize laid before me. Blessings for your kingdom are many. I receive in the name of Yeshua. Amen.

Torah Is Wonderful

For what it’s worth…

We are traveling through Psalm 119 for each verse that describes the word Torah specifically. The entire chapter is all about Torah, but for now we are not exploring statutes, ordinances, judgements, etc.

On a personal note. Each time I read Galatians, I check it with scripture. It Has to be consistent. It must be true and proven by the ONLY scripture available at the time of the letter to the Galatians.

Torah may seem hard to understand, but is it really? It is comprehensive, yet hard to consolidate. It is awesome. Wonderful, without equal.

I have seen people diminish the importance of Torah. You can’t do that without insulting the very Name of YHWH.

It was given to us. If you are his Child. It is to be embraced in honor and awe.

What do you think of God’s Torah? If Yeshua showed us by example, should we turn away from it or embrace it’s wonder?

Join us and celebrate Torah and all that it is for the believer.